Our mission is to create sustainable, ready-to-wear wardrobe essentials that are striking to wear, built to last, and easy to care for. With minimal environmental impact and a commitment to giving back, we're building a community for all you artsy, nature lovers. Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, we practice harmony by using ethical manufacturing practices in every stage our development process.

Creative Director


Ellice Ruiz

Creative Director

Loves dogs, art, and hiking.


1. I promise to use ethical manufacturing practices to minimize waste, use only sustainable materials, and create beautiful clothes that reduce our impact on nature. I promise to practice ethical and honest business practices because I believe it's paramount to treat others the way you want to be treated. 

2. I promise design clothes with you in mind. I strive to create clothes that exclaim your unique shape, are extremely functional (think lots of pockets and easy to put on), and easy to care for. Click here to read more about my 80/20 design philosophy. 

3. I believe giving is better than receiving and we must pay it forward in order create the change we wish to see. I promise to donate 10% of profits from each collection to people, causes, and charities who are helping to make the world a little bit prettier.  

4. I started my brand to create beauty, build a community, and help shift the industry towards sustainability. I believe in community over competition, so I promise to share and promote the people making our planet a better place. 

5. I want to support my creative friends. I promise to hire and pay makers, craftspeople, & artists a living wage, so they can continue to create.

6. I promise to operate my business with complete transparency. Transparency is very important to me because it will help make the shift towards sustainability easier by sharing the methods that work. We can help each other make a positive impact. 

7. Diversity is our strength. I promise to bring diversity of thought, representation, and culture to the table. I hope you'll reciprocate. 

8. I promise to reveal the cost of development, production, and distribution in order to justify the price of the garment. 

9. I am a minimalist. I strive to promote a non-materialist approach to consumerism. I promise to never use marketing tactics that persuade you to buy something you don't need, can't afford, or promise something I can't really give you. My goal is to create clothes that merit their own purchase, provide beneficial qualities, and make you feel good. Clothes do not give people a better life but what you are able to do in them might. My goal is to ask you not to consumer more, but better. 

10. I promise to be selective. I will only choose the most stunning and durable fabrics and the most earth friendly materials (especially when it comes to product development and packaging).