Ellice Ruiz is a sustainable, ready-to-wear brand creating modern wardrobe essentials and artsy statement pieces for creative professionals that transition from the studio to the show. With minimal environmental impact and a commitment to giving back, we’re building a community for all you artsy, nature lovers.



I started my own brand to do things differently. I want to be the change I seek (cheesy 🧀 I know, but true). I want to develop clothes in the most earth-friendly way possible. I want to create beautiful and lovable clothes for modern women like yourself. I want to inspire, educate, and connect people through our brand culture. I want to use business as a way to help others by giving back.

- Ellice Ruiz, Creative Director


Girlfriend Tested

The Ellice Ruiz collection is Girlfriend Tested™ by a diverse group of friends. Each garment is crowdsourced for thoughtful design features that flatter various body types, transition from day to night, and function for the creative lifestyle.



Sustainable Wardrobe

We're not asking you to buy more, we're asking you to buy better. We design high-quality clothes for modern women that are timeless and transitional, eliminating the need for consuming the latest fashion trends and clothes for every occasion. Our clients are on the go and need wardrobe essentials that take them from the studio to the show. We like to use the term sustainable wardrobe to describe our approach to dressing and appreciate when our clothes are as dynamic as we are. 




Sustainability with Heart

We believe giving is better than receiving. We are committed to donating a percentage of sales to people, causes, and charities helping to make the world a little bit brighter.