about me

photography by   lindsay mccarthy

photography by lindsay mccarthy

hi 👋i’m ellice.

i design sustainable, slow, & ethical ready-to-wear for creatives like me. i’m trying to be the opposite of everything i hate about ‘fashion'. my whole vibe is we don’t need more, we need better. that’s why i do everything i can to create thoughtful & super wearable clothes. every piece is made in los angeles using the most sustainable fabrics & materials i can find.

i launched my first capsule collection in august 2018 with a kickstarter campaign. i successful met my goal with the help of friends, family, & early adopters. 📈 i’m an independent designer supported by my day job working for a contemporary artist. i know the hustle & i like to dress the part. 💃🏻

i’m a nature lover. i’m trying my hardest to minimize my impact on the environment. to me, sustainability isn’t limited to the clothes i design. it extends to the food I eat & brands i support, basically my whole lifestyle. 🎨

i want to build a lifestyle brand that’s about more than clothes. i give back by donating a percentage of sales from each collection to charities, causes, & people trying to make the world a better place. i believe in paying everyone i work with a los angeles living wage, you know treating people the way you want to be treated. for every order, i plant a tree 🌲 to help offset my carbon footprint. i share my interests as much as promote my designs because i think true beauty is interior.

☁️ i write, paint, & take pictures. i have a degree in art history. i like poetry, indie music, & old movies. 🤓 my journal is a pretty good reflection of my taste. 📖

what else? my baby marzen is my brand mascot. 🐕

please help me share my story & designs by following me on social & telling all your friends.