francine dress - burgundy


francine dress - burgundy


francine is my special occasion dress, a party dress. francine is form fitting but not skin tight. there’s a side slit for mobility and adjustable straps so you can move your arms around. made from a sustainable fabric called tencel gabardine, francine drapes beautifully on the body. i love this fabric because it’s both sustainable and easy to care for.

designed and made in los angeles

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materials - 72% modal, 28% poly dyed poplin

source - zentex

care - cold wash, dry flat, steam to soften wrinkles

giving back

i donate a percentage from each sale to causes, charities, & people helping to make the world a better place. this season, i’m donating to food on foot, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting our homeless and low-income neighbors in los angeles with nutritious meals, clothing, and a fresh start through a life-skills education, full-time employment, and permanent housing.

plus, i plant a tree for each order. 🌲 i’ve partnered with national forest foundation to help me plant trees to offset my impact on the environment.

transparent pricing

here’s why francine costs $348:

design - each piece is thoughtfully designed and made in small batches - $30

development - a los angeles living wage for my design consultant (toiles, patterns, & sourcing) - $30

sampling - our prototype & trial runs - $9

fabric - $36 body

cutting - hand cut in small batches - $15

grading - we outsource this part of the design process - $2

production - made in los angeles, i pay per garment - $30

marketing - online ads, photography, & branded materials - $15

packaging - plastic-free packaging from ecoenclose - $3

retail markup - profit (i.e. future collections), business expenses, & taxes - 50%